BB&B Doulas have been providing placenta services in the area since 2014.   Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby by dehydrating, powdering, and placing into capsule for the mother to ingest during the postpartum period.  The purpose of ingesting the placenta is to reintroduce the beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to her body during the postpartum period.  Evidenced based research suggests that ingesting placenta helps to restore more balanced body function, prevent ‘baby blues’ and postpartum depression, increase breast milk supply, shorten healing time, and increase maternal energy levels.  The transition between pregnancy and the postpartum period is a major change in how the mother’s body is functioning.  Placenta ingestion helps to smooth that path.

BB&B Placenta Encapsulists are trained to use two methods of encapsulation - either raw or steamed.  Some clients chose to add a combination of of lemon, ginger, and/or hot peppers, each which can be used for their health properties and to create a more palatable flavor.

Umbilical cord keepsake – if it is long enough, your baby’s umbilical cord will be dried and preserved in a heart shape, the shape of baby’s first initial, spiral, or another shape you desire.  This service is included in the fee for placenta encapsulation. 

Placenta prints – preserve the memory of your placenta even after it’s been dried by having prints made.  Using your own blood as a natural ink, we create prints on acid-free paper.  

Tinctures - Preserving part of your placenta in an alcohol base provides another way to use your placenta.

Frozen - Some clients chose to have a part of their placenta frozen to add to smoothies.  We can safely prepare this for you.

We provide Placenta Encapsulation as an add-on to our Doula Service Packages, or as a stand alone service.

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