Labor Pool Rentals...

Whether you are planning a home birth or simply want the option of using a pool in your home during your early labor, consider renting a labor pool from Birth, Baby & Beyond Doulas. Our pools are sanitized, well-maintained, easy to use, roomy, and comfortable. Renting a tub is more affordable and produces less waste than purchasing your own.  Your pool rental fee includes: pool, air pump, submersible pump, thermometer, cleaner, instructions, a single use pool liner, pool delivery and pick up.  

Waterbirth has been used in many cultures for a long time.  Studies have been done to show the effectiveness of water a source of comfort to birthing moms.  A Google search will lead you to many of the studies that have already been done.  Your caregiver can give you more information about the safety of waterbirth and can answer other questions you have about using water during your birth.  

If you are using a labor/birth pool supplied by your midwife, we may have a liner that will fit! Contact us to learn more.

We provide Labor Pool Rental as an add-on to our Doula Service Packages, or as a stand alone service.

Contact us to reserve a labor pool in time for your due date.