Music & More

Music, instruments, scarves, singing, dancing, finger plays, balls, bubbles, hoola hoops, parachute, and more. Experience music, rhythm and motion with your young charges. We will set up a class to fit your schedule!

Our Music & More instructor is Tammy Bayer.  Tammy earned a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education.  She has advanced training in Child Development, and has taken additional training in using music with infants and small children.


Movement, breath work, music, and more!  Tammy is a certified yoga instructor specializing in yoga for infants-teens.  Add yoga to your center's curriculum and provide a valuable experience for the young ones in your care.  We will set up a class to fit your schedule.

​Baby Signs

Using sign language with babies or toddlers has many benefits. Babies who sign are less frustrated, speak earlier, have higher IQ's (10-12 points higher), and develop larger vocabularies than those who don't. Our class teaches parents and caregivers to use signs so the baby will begin to use them even before they can talk. A good time to start using signs is at 6 months. A good time to start using signs is at 6 months. These classes are also beneficial for families with non-verbal children of any age.  We offer two classes to meet the needs and interests of all families/childcare providers:

Level 1 – Basic instruction in why to sign, how to introduce signs, and which signs to start with. Signs taught will include signs for feeling words, safety words, courtesy, family members, foods, and other fun and useful words.

Level 2 – Further your and your child’s understanding of sign language through our level 2 class. This class expands upon the vocabulary taught in the Level 1 class with letters, numbers, more words for feelings and family members, body parts, clothing, colors, nature signs, and many animals words. Integrate signing with books, songs and activities too.

Pricing dependent on the size of the facility/number of people attending the training.  Please contact us to determine the best programming for your facility.

Contact us to set up classes for your facility by e-mailing us at

Classes for Daycare Centers and Preschools