Newer to the area is the practice of belly wrapping for mothers after birth.  Belly wrapping has cultural and historical significance and is used in many cultures all over the world. BB&B Doulas are trained and well versed in teaching our clients to use the beautiful, locally produced wraps.

For nine months, a pregnant woman's body expands and changes with the growing baby. Blood volume increases, fluid retention becomes greater, the body stores fat for the baby, the uterus grows and pushes the other organs around, and the abdominal muscles stretch, widen, thin, and may even separate to allow enough room for the growing baby and uterus. All of these amazing changes are necessary for pregnancy. Additionally, during labor the cervix dilates fully and the pelvis may widen to allow the baby enough space to be born. Wrapping can help your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state, or as closely as possible, much more quickly and comfortably than without it.  Wrapping gives your body support during your postpartum period

There are many benefits of Belly Wrapping.  We provide Belly Wrapping Services as an add-on to our Doula Service Packages, or as a stand alone service.

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