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Craft Days!

Building community for growing families...

Sit, Stitch, Scrapbook or Craft Day



The classroom opens promptly at 10 am.  No earlier.  The event ends at midnight (Saturday) or 8 pm (Sunday), so all participants must be packed up and out of the room at that time.

You may come and go as you please during this event.

Bring a snack to share (preferably one that does not require refrigeration).

A small refrigerator and a cooler are available for your beverages.

Supper is provided.  We welcome you to bring items to offset the meal burden and will communicate menu ideas ahead of time.

Lunch is on your own.  You may choose to bring something or just eat a big breakfast and then snack all day.

Regular straight back, padded meeting chairs provided.  Feel free to bring your own chair.

The classroom has great lighting.  Feel free to bring additional lighting for detail work, if desired.

The classroom has a large supply of outlets.  Please specify if you will need access to outlets.

Hand-crafts, sewing machines, scrapbooking supplies, or project type is welcome!  

Please note if you would like to share a table with or sit by a particular person.  All requests will be taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed.

Space is limited!  You are absolutely welcome to bring as much as will fit in your car.  However, we need to restrict the amount of ‘stuff’ that you have in the room at any given time. So please follow these guidelines:  If you have a full or half table space, please only bring the amount of items that will fit under/on top of your table space. 

We support and appreciate your role as Mom.  However, for this event we want moms to be able to enjoy time away from the demands of their families and to focus on their own growth and enjoyment.  Nursing infants under 1 year, who are not yet mobile, and who can be worn by mom are welcome.  Babies older than 1 year who need to nurse may be brought in by another caregiver to visit mom.  We will not have room in the classroom for car seats, stroller, or other baby items.  It can not be stressed enough that mom is responsible for baby’s safety.  There will be scissors, pins, needles and other potential dangers around.  BB&B can not be held responsible for baby’s safety.  Please be mindful of the disturbances that your baby may be making, attend quickly to his/her needs, and be aware that others are there to spend time away from their kiddos.  If your baby is using floor space, please tuck him/her under your table space so we don’t create baby-tripping hazards!

Ipads, computers, etc are welcome.  Please be aware that by creating your perfect crafting environment you may be disturbing others.  So, if you are planning to listening to music or using the computer, please bring headphones.  We want everyone to be comfortable, so if there is something happening that you are not comfortable with, please bring it to our attention. By the same token, when you take part in a large group activity like this you need to be tolerant of different types of humor, noise level, discussion topics, language, etc, so your own comfort level may be challenged a little.

The BB&B shop is open from 10-5 on Saturday.  During this time please remember that shoppers may be able to hear your conversation.  We can pull the door closed anytime, but save the table dancing until the shop is closed!  Once the shop is closed feel free to spread your belongings, blocked items, and baby stuff around the shop space.

When you attend a craft day you have first dibs on registering for the next one!  Payment is due by Wednesday before the weekend.

You may cancel your registration, with full refund, anytime up to the Wednesday before the event.  If you cancel your registration after Wednesday, your retreat fee will not be refunded but may be applied to a future craft day retreat.

        Feedback is wanted!  Please note that if this event is held again in the future, details, pricing, participation may be



Upcoming dates and registration fees are listed on the registration page..


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