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Birth Doula Service Testimonials:

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Music & More Class Testimonials:

My daughter loves coming to Music & More class!  She doesn't go to daycare, so she really enjoys this time with other children her age.  She and I both look forward to our weekly session.    -Aimee


My two kids LOVE the Music & More class at Birth, Baby & Beyond.  It's all my 21 month old talks about..."class" and "Miss Tammy" and "parachute."  They have a wonderful time there every week (and so do us moms!)    -Amy


This has been the perfect opportunity for Easton to interact with other children his age. He gets so excited for the parachute and musical instruments. I get excited to see how far he's come from our first class at 6 months until now (at 10 months) where he's discovering the other children, clapping, crawling, and smiling from ear to ear!    -Karol


My daughter and I love coming to Music & More classes.  Tammy teaches us songs and activities that I wouldn’t otherwise do with my child.  It gives us time to enjoy being together and interacting with other kids.  I love seeing how my daughter has grown, from sitting on my lap watching the bigger kids, to moving around the room, shaking the parachute, playing the instruments, and now actually doing the motions to the songs and singing them at home.    -Tammie


Our 2 year old son, Liam, has participated in Music and More classes since he was about 6 months old. Besides having a ton of fun, he has learned so many great skills through this class! He has learned how to cooperate with peers and follow directions from a teacher. He takes pride in following the routines that are implemented in each class. He loves playing with the musical instruments, large parachute, and bubbles. We are always eager to return to Music and More.     -Jana

Our birth doula, Tammy, was awesome. I had a bad experience with my first birth, and so I was very nervous of my second one. I did a ton of research going into the birth, and I made Joseph read a huge stack of books, but having Tammy there was what made the difference. It's one thing to know what to do, but it's quite another to remember it when needed, which is why I wanted to have an experienced labor guide there. Tammy met with us and discussed my first birth, my fears and hopes for the next one, and she helped us write a realistic birth plan that the hospital/doctor would take seriously. She gave us a labor class before the birth and met us at our apartment while I was in labor. I had tremendous back labor the entire time, but Tammy knew so many ways to cope with it. Most of all I appreciated her constant reassurance of what is natural and normal. She didn't take Joseph's place either - I needed both of them. Since a doula isn't a medical professional, she wasn't permitted to give me medical advice, however she did alert Joseph and I when the nurses were deviating from the birth plan. It is just helpful to have another set of eyes when so much is going on. After the birth, Tammy stayed with me until the chaos calmed down and Rianna had nursed. She visited us at home later and we talked about the birth. Tammy wrote up a record of the events to present at this visit. That was so nice to have because everything was very jumbled in my memory!     -Jenny



Tammy was our doula for my first child's birth. We were new to Cedar Rapids and unsure if my mother would be able to make it in time for the birth and I really wanted someone with my husband and I that would be able to advocate for me during labor and explain what the outcome of each decision would be. Labor was very intense but having Tammy there to guide me through pain coping techniques, breathing and using the TENS unit made a huge difference. It was wonderful to have someone there specifically for my needs, and she had the experience and compassion to make my birth wonderful. She was always available for questions before the birth and after the birth and I'm very glad we decided to have Tammy as our doula.   -Lareina



Tammy was the doula for our third birth.  The first two were born in Davenport at a freestanding birth center (basically like homebirths), and our third baby was born at a hospital since we didn’t have a birth center option in Cedar Rapids.  It was especially helpful to have Tammy there for us on "our side", as we were very nervous about the possibility of intervention in the hospital environment.  Although there were no conflicts, it was wonderful having Tammy there to support our decisions, even if they were not popular decisions.  We will be using Tammy as our doula for our fourth birth as well!   (...and her 5th and 6th births!)    -Amy



Tammy enabled me to free up family to take care of our other two children during the process of labor and then later have our oldest daughter present at the birth.  This was my second birth but the first time we used a doula.  I would not trade the experience or change anything.  She added a peace of mind to the experience because I was so concerned about my older children being cared for since we have no family in the area.  I would highly recommend Tammy as a doula, her experience and caring showed through in her work!     -Becky



I met Tammy when I took her Lamaze Class for my second daughter. After the first class I knew I wanted Tammy as my doula. She was amazing in her knowledge and support of my decision to have a VBAC. I know without Tammy I surely would have had another c-section. When I decided to become a surrogate I knew that I had to have Tammy by my side!  I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through my pregnancy.  She was also a great help with the intended parents. She took the time to get to know them. She made them feel so comfortable with everything. She spent a lot of time talking with them and helping them through some emotional times. Tammy is very knowledgeable and what she doesn't know she will find out for you.  Tammy is a MUST have at any birth. She is a great person and has become a great friend. Thank you Tammy, you are AMAZING!!!      -Rebecca



Tammy was our doula for the birth of our fourth child. My previous 2 births were scheduled cesareans and the recoveries were miserable. So this time around we were going to push for the VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) with the doctor. We did our research and it showed that the use of a doula could decrease the need for a cesarean birth. When we met with Tammy we were nervous and not sure what to expect but she put us at ease with the first visit. We soon discovered that the baby was breech. Tammy was able to make referrals to an acupuncturist to assist with turning the baby to a head-down position. I am happy to say that after 2 treatments of acupuncture the baby stayed head down. Unfortunately, the baby again flipped to breech at 39 weeks and we did not get the opportunity to attempt to VBAC. I knew going in that all the cards would have to fall into place for the VBAC attempt to work. I ended up with a 3rd c-section but everyone was healthy and that is what mattered the most. Tammy was a great help to us during the pregnancy in her suggestions for positioning assistance to keep the baby from being breech. We attended her Lamaze classes and learned more then than we had in the previous hospital-based classes we had taken. She helped to calm my anxieties regarding the upcoming delivery. I was very nervous and scared the day of the c-section because of my previous poor recoveries but Tammy helped keep everything in perspective and helped us make the most of the opportunities we had. The postpartum home visit and yummy meal Tammy provided were a very nice touch. I wish I could give Tammy's doula services to all my sisters and girlfriends for their pregnancies and births.   -Sarah



My birth did not go as planned.  Of course when you have the perfect birth planned out, you know that things can go awry.  I wanted a natural birth with no medical intervention, but what I got was pretty much all of the medical assistance you could possibly get except for a c-section: Pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, the works.  Through all of this I was so grateful to have Tammy by my side, well, by our sides.  Even though, my husband and my mom were there, it was still great to have someone there that wasn't as emotionally involved.  Also, it helped to give my mom and husband breaks without leaving me alone.  She helped keep all of us grounded and focused through all of the chaos.  We will definitely be hiring her for our second baby when it is time. (...and she did!)   -Christi  



Tammy was my doula.  She's a BIG part of why I am happy with my birth experience.  I had PLANNED an all-natural birth, but HAD a c-section under general anesthesia. Even though the SITUATION was out of my control, I felt like the DECISION making was totally under my control, thanks in large part to Tammy's support and all of our if/then planning!   - Sarah


Every woman deserves to have a doula!! Tammy was a blessing at the birth of my daughter. I went into my experience wanting a completely unmedicated, natural birth and I feel Tammy is one of the reasons I was able to achieve that goal. My husband and I felt that Tammy really listened to us and understood what we wanted and needed from her in our birth experience. Here's a little about my birth experience:  It was my first pregnancy/birth and I was very set on as natural a birth as possible. I was 10 days overdue and my doctor informed me that I needed to be induced. I was devastated, but with the help of Tammy and a lot of information my husband and I learned through Lamaze we went to the hospital with good spirits. The next day, after my labor didn't progress as I hoped, I was put on Pitocin. Again, I was very upset but with the help of Tammy's words and actions we worked through it. Labor got very intense on the Pitocin and there were moments that I didn't think I could take it any more, but Tammy was always right there with a suggestion and the support I needed to work through each contraction. She helped get me breathing correctly, if a good laboring position, knew exactly what words of encouragement I needed, and was the objective voice I needed when I got tired or scared. Tammy stayed near my face most of labor and freed up my husband to be able to work on my back when the pain got intense. Tammy also provided support for my husband when he needed a short break. She stayed by my side and didn't let me panic when I noticed that he was leaving the room. During this time the doctor was able to turn off my Pitocin and I was able to continue through labor without any medication! Tammy was next to my head giving me encouragement while pushing so that my husband could watch the birth of our daughter. My husband was a superstar and a fantastic partner during pregnancy, labor and birth but nothing could replace the experience and knowledge that Tammy brought to the birth of my daughter. If I have any more children, I will definitely be hiring Tammy again.   (...and she did!)  Obviously, I highly recommend Tammy Bayer as a doula (and a Lamaze instructor). Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or concerns. Good luck!!!

Lamaze Testimonials:

This class has calmed my concerns about what is going to happen during my baby’s birth.   -Christina


I feel that I have the tools, methods and secrets to help my wife refocus her thoughts and relax her body.  Before this class I knew that I wanted to help, but now I feel more like I might actually be able to.   -Joe


Lamaze has helped me to feel more confident about my birth and more aware of option for managing pain during labor.  I’ve learned many comfort skills.  I have a better understanding of hospital processes and procedures and how they may/may not be useful.  I appreciate Tammy’s openness to answering questions and her non-judgmental approach to all aspects of birthing options.   -Jessica


I think all first-time parents should take this class!  It has so many benefits and information.  We took a hospital class for our first birth and that class wasn’t nearly as beneficial as this one.  So second timers should take this one too, as we did!   -Melissa


This class is such a great mix— discussion, videos, positioning practice, breathing and relaxation, massage– I loved it all!  -Tammy

BB&B Testimonials:

From early on in our pregnancy to present BB&B and it’s staff have been an essential resource for information and support. From answering the obligatory ‘first-time-parents’ questions, to breastfeeding, cloth diapers, pediatricians, vaccines, and then some, BB&B has been and still is a haven for our family when we need help with something. Our goal is to lead a natural and healthy lifestyle, as much as possible, in this crazy world of technology and with BB&B we were able to start from the very beginning for our son. Our son, Alex, is now 17 months, and in part we're sorry, BB&B, that we didn't take a moment to thank you sooner, but on the other hand, the time that has passed has given us the opportunity to create a relationship and bond that we didn't have before and to share with others how you’ve helped and cared for our family.  And although we live in Iowa City and don't make it to the store very often, we're still welcomed at each visit as if no time has passed. THANK YOU BB&B!  And to the moms and dads who are ‘thinking' about visiting or needing advice or just don't know where to go because you’re at the end of your options, just go...there is no right or wrong answer at BB&B and no one will judge you for the decision you do or don't make, there is only love and support for your family.    -Sara & Berna


This is the place I had been praying for! Not only is BB&B the one stop local shop for all the products I've been looking for, their customer service is beyond compare! As an out of town person, I do not know my way around Cedar Rapids, and had to call three times to find the store. On a time crunch and running out of fuel, I found the store just in time.  Tammy was so courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to help. Purchases at BB&B will be so wonderful because the staff really does care!     -Amy


Thanks SO much for your help on Tuesday afternoon with my pump crisis! ...I just wanted to thank you for your help and support. You went way above and beyond any customer service I could have imagined. Thank you!!! I'm doing my best to be a "natural" mama, and BB&B has been an amazing resource for me!     -Cassie


BB&B is my own little haven in Cedar Rapids.  I live out of town, but I know when I make the drive in that I have a special place to go to take time to feed my baby without being bothered.  There are even extra diapers available if I forget my own!  Thank you for providing such a warm, welcoming place for families.      -Christine


Because of feeding issues I need to pump every time I am done breastfeeding my baby.  BB&B provides me a place to feed him and pump when we are out around town.  I am also able to weigh him regularly to report progress to his doctor.     -Natalie


BB&B is the first place that I ever nursed in public.  I attended several playgroups and breastfeeding support group and was able to get used to nursing around other people.  This built my confidence to try it other places too.  I knew that BB&B was a welcoming environment for nursing moms and that no one was going to look at me strangely if I fumbled around a bit.    - Lauren


I visited BB&B just recently for the first time to start our cloth diapering adventure! They were EXTREMELY helpful and I wouldn't trade my experience. I had a million questions but they were all answered and I was able to choose a great cloth diapering system with confidence and ease, with their help! I am very grateful for their help and experience with all of their products, which made switching to cloth a whole lot easier. I know now that if I have any more questions, I can call them anytime!     -Ashley


I am a working/breastfeeding mother. When I went back to work I had less opportunity to attend daytime supports groups at the hospital and my confidence quickly began to dwindle. I am so ecstatic that I heard about the Breastfeeding Support Group meetings that occur once a month in the evening at BB&B. I went to my first one last night and felt like I fit right in! I left with 2 books and TONS of confidence. THANK YOU BB&B!     -Natalie


Birth Baby & Beyond is my go-to resource on everything baby related these days- and I am on my third baby! Tammy and her staff have talked me through every cloth diapering decision, helped me deal with my child's food allergies, showed me options for providing natural protections for my older children and given me access to inexpensive classes that share great info with real life stories. I tried cloth diapering on my own- but as we all know the internet can be an overwhelming source! BB&B has helped me make decisions that ACTUALLY work rather than something that sounds good in theory. When I found an all natural cloth diapering safe diaper rash cream- (CJ’s Natural BUTTer) I sent the info to Tammy and was thrilled to soon find it available at the store. The Birth Baby & Beyond Facebook page is a great resource for finding answers to quick questions, and other parents who are choosing to go a more natural route in raising their kiddos. BB&B is the kind of store I wish I had known about with my first baby- but am so blessed to have as part of our lives today!     -Mandy


I have been coming in and getting diapers and things, everyone is so wonderful! I am done buying anything on line; buying everything from now on at BBB.    -Katie


BB&B offers so many classes. I have taken make your own baby food, baby signs, Music & More, slings and more. I have also taken advantage of photo shoots, a massage and the products in the store. The staff is very helpful too.  If they don’t have it, they will order it for you. If I have a question, Tammy and her staff will get the answer for me. There isn’t another store like this in Cedar Rapids.    -Terri

I told my husband right after my daughter was born that I needed a Moby Wrap in order to keep our daughter happy and still be able to keep the house in order. When I went and bought it, I believe Tammy was working. She was wonderful. Before I even bought it, she had me take it out and try it to see if I liked it. She answered all of my questions for me and was just truly amazing. My moby was by best friend.