How you can help us!


We are often asked how people can help support our shop, playgroups and other services that we provide.  Here are a few ideas:


#1—Tell others about us—this one is huge!  Word of mouth between parents is very powerful, and extremely affordable for us.

#2—Play at our playgroups, leave a donation if you can.  This helps us keep our center and toys clean and safe.

#3—Take a class, or two, or three—You’ll learn some wonderful things!

#4—Shop at our store—yes, we make a profit which is turned right back around to buy new products, pay employees, and keep our facility open.  Shopping local almost always saves you money in shipping and other expenses.  Plus you can touch the products and get help with them in person.  We are able to be here to help you because someone shopped locally before you.  Help us to stay here and help the next family!

#5—Fill out a gift registry when you have a baby due or when your baby is having a birthday!  This will encourage people to shop locally for a gift you can really use, saving them money and making returns or exchanges easier for you.

#6—Give us ideas—retail you’d like to see us sell, classes you’d like to take, ways to run our center more smoothly… if you see something we can do differently, let us know!

#7—Done with those pregnancy and baby rearing books?  Donate your used books to our reference library so we can increase the variety of books we provide.

#8—If you or the kids are sick, stay home!  We love to see you and appreciate your business, but when you share germs you share them with other customers and our valuable employees!

#9—Volunteer!  We are looking for parents who would like to bring a child with them while volunteering in our center.  We might put you to work cleaning, stocking, or organizing and we’ll make it worth your time.

#10—We’ll say it again—Tell others about us—this one is huge!  We can’t pay for any other form of advertising more powerful than word of mouth!  




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