Illness Policy:

The following guidelines should help you to make decisions about your

family’s health before attending playgroups and classes.  If your child has

any signs of a sickness that can be passed onto other children, please keep

them at home. Keep yourself and/or your child at home for the following



-Pain - any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain.

-Difficulty in breathing - wheezing or a persistent cough.

-Sore throat or trouble swallowing.

-Infected skin or eyes, or an undiagnosed rash.

-Headache and stiff neck (should see physician).

-Skin rashes, cuts or openings that are pus-filled or oozing, impetigo, severe itching, dry skin of either body or scalp if caused by head lice, body lice or scabies.  A rash can be the first sign of many childhood illnesses.  Do not bring a child with a rash to a playgroup/class until cleared by a doctor.

-Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool (may or may not be combined with nausea, vomiting or stomach cramps). These symptoms may indicate a bacterial or viral gastrointestinal infection which is very easily passed from one child to another via the fecal-oral route. The child should be kept home until all symptoms have stopped.

-Nausea and vomiting may be early signs of illness. Please keep your child home until s/he can keep food and fluids down and is fever free, without medication for 24 hours.

-Fever (1OO degrees F or more) accompanied by general symptoms such as listlessness or sluggishness may be an early sign of an illness that requires a doctor’s attention.  Children should be fever-free, without medication, for a full 24 hours before returning to playgroup/class.

-A common cold with listlessness, runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat. Once the child’s temperature, well being and energy have returned to normal, the child may no longer be contagious, and may be able to return to playgroup even though slight coughing and minimally runny nose may persist.  A hacking cough and ‘heavy’ cold symptoms should stay at home. Generally speaking, a person who catches a cold can spread it to others for one day before symptoms appear, and about five days after the cold symptoms (above) begin. If the symptoms (runny nose and eyes, coughing) are caused by a known allergy (e.g. hay fever, asthma) the child is not contagious and does not have to be excluded.

-Some illnesses, such as Fifth's Disease, are dangerous to pregnant women, so do not expose them to it.


Please keep yourself and/or your child home until symptom-free for 24 hours, or if being treated, on antibiotics for a complete 24 hours.  This helps us all (customers and staff) stay healthier.  You may miss an activity due to a child being sick or yourself being sick, but there will always be another activity.  If you do attend an event and anyone is uncomfortable with you or your child's symptoms, you will be asked to leave.


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Class, Illness, Weather & Code of Conduct

Building community for growing families...

Weather Policy:

We do not want to make decisions regarding your attendance at classes, playgroups or activities.  Since most of our staff live fairly close to our center, we can usually make it in, no matter the weather, and so we rarely cancel classes due to weather.  Please use your own judgment as to whether it is safe for you and your little ones to be traveling to Birth,

Baby & Beyond.  If you have questions about a class happening, please feel free to call our office—319-364-1144, check our homepage, or log onto our Facebook page (  See our class policy at the top of the page to learn more about cancellations.  If we do cancel due to weather, we will do all we can to contact you to let you know.  We will also offer a make-up option at our first opportunity.

Class Policy:


· All classes must be paid in full prior to 48 hours before the class.

· If you leave a phone message to enroll, do not consider your registration complete until payment is received and we confirm your enrollment, via phone or e-mail.

· We would like to encourage you to sign up at least 48 hours in advance in order to ensure classes do not get canceled.  All classes that do not meet the minimum required enrollment will be canceled 48 hours prior to the class (or first class).  If we cancel a class you will receive your choice of a refund of the class fee or store credit.

· If you need to cancel a class registration, at least 48 hour notice (prior to the start of the first class) is required to reschedule or receive store credit for that class fee.  We cannot refund your class fee for classes missed due to illness or travel.

· If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or employee illness, we will do our best to call you at least one hour before the class was set to begin.  A make-up class will be offered. 

· We make all attempts to hold scheduled classes.  However, we reserve the right to cancel any classes, playgroups or other activities at any time, for any reason. 

· If you have questions about whether or not a class is happening, please feel free to call our office—319-364-1144.

· As a courtesy, you will be reminded by phone or e-mail by BB&B a day or two before the class.

· Please note we want parents and children to be together as much as possible, which is possible for most of our classes.  Infants under the age of 1 are welcome to attend most classes with you if they will not hamper your learning experience or that of others in the class.  However, sometimes the class content, audience or size may lead us to ask that you do not bring children as the environment would not allow for children to be children.  Please consider leaving them with a caregiver at home.


Classroom Etiquette: Because our groups can often get quite large—we politely request that you keep cross-talking between parents to a minimum, so that everyone may hear the instructor.  We ask that you please leave strollers and infant car seats in your car, as there is limited space.

Code of Conduct:


The BB&B playgroups, activities and classes are meant to be enjoyable and safe events for both parents and children.  BB&B is here to support families. We support all parents and recognize that there are many different parenting styles and personalities within our clientele base. To ensure the comfort of families from all backgrounds we ask that all participants follow these Behavior Guidelines.



In the unfortunate event that a parent is not following or enforcing these Behavior Guidelines, the witnessing party shall contact the BB&B staff and we will discuss the issue(s) with the participant(s) involved. BB&B will impose the following penalties:

-First Offense - a verbal warning.

-Second Offense – removal from playgroups & classes for one week.  If removed from classes, fees will not be refunded.

-Third Offense - removal from playgroups & classes for one month.  If removed from classes, fees will not be refunded.

-Fourth Offense within one calendar year – removal from playgroups and classes for a period of 6 months.  If removed from classes, fees will not be refunded.  After a 6 month removal from classes, your family may return for a fresh start.


Childrens’ Behavior Guidelines

Unacceptable behaviors will not be tolerated. These unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:


Biting, destroying property, hair pulling, hitting, hitting with objects, pushing, slapping, kicking, wrestling, pinching, scratching, swearing, screaming,  spitting, inappropriate touch,

and other overly aggressive behaviors as defined by BB&B staff.


-In the unfortunate event that these behaviors occur during BB&B playgroups or classes, then the child's parent should remove her/his child from the area for an appropriate amount of time.

-When disciplining your child, please remove the child from the immediate area and do so in a reasonable tone of voice so as not to further disrupt or alarm others in the group.

-The child's parent will be expected to keep an especially diligent watch over the child if attempt to inflict harm on another child is made.

-If the child attempts the behavior a second time at the same activity, the parent must remove the child from the BB&B activity for that day.

-If a child is consistently exhibiting unacceptable behaviors that have warranted their removal from several activities, the mother may be asked to refrain from events with the child until the child's behavior is under control.


Parents’ Behavior Guidelines

To ensure a safe and supportive atmosphere we ask that the following policies be practiced:

1. Within our playgroups and classes, there will be many conversations with and about other families. To be supportive to each other, no negative gossip or demeaning comments are allowed. Please also respect the privacy of participants who do not have an outgoing nature.

2. You are responsible for your child(ren) at all BB&B functions. If you cannot supervise them all, please talk to other participants before the event to see if they can lend a hand, or bring a relative or a helper (i.e., babysitter) to assist you.  Do not let your children out of your sight. 

3. When disciplining your child, please speak in a quiet voice or remove the child from the area. Please refrain from yelling; loud voices and yelling may upset other children and are also disruptive. Remove your child from the area for time-outs.  Please follow our Children’s Behavior Policy.

4. In the event that your child is in conflict with another child, please separate them and take the other child to his/her parent.

5. Participants shall not direct obscene or abusive language toward any other participants or their families.

6. Clean up your and your child's mess, general play area, etc. This sets a good example for your child.  We are opening our facility to you, please leave it like it was when you arrived.  Always let a staff member know if you or your child has had any accidents or caused damages at BB&B.

7. Please take all of your things with you when you leave an event. If you leave an item at BB&B, you have 1 week to contact us to pick it up before we can do with it what we choose.

8. All participants are expected to follow the BB&B Illness policy.

9. Children at play are at risk for injuries.  While we strive to provide a safe play area, we cannot be held accountable for accidents.  Your children are your responsibility.

Please take time to become familiar with our Code of Conduct

All families participating in classes, support groups and playgroups will be asked to sign into all events and acknowledge that they are aware of these policies.