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Classes for Baby

Baby's First Massage

Massage helps your baby in many ways. It assists digestion, aids in sleep patterns, and helps baby and parents bond. A good time to use this technique is anytime after your healthy newborn is two weeks old. Set up an individualized class, register with a friend, or join in on a group class.

$20 per family

Baby Signs

Using sign language with your baby or toddler has many benefits. Babies who sign are less frustrated, speak earlier, have higher IQ's (10-12 points higher), and develop larger vocabularies than those who don't. Our class teaches parents and caregivers to use signs so the baby will begin to use them even before they can talk. A good time to start using signs is at 6 months. A good time to start using signs is at 6 months. These classes are also beneficial for families with non-verbal children of any age.  We offer two classes to meet the needs and interests of all families:

Level 1 – Basic instruction in why to sign, how to introduce signs, and which signs to start with. Signs taught will include signs for feeling words, safety words, courtesy, family members, foods, and other fun and useful words.

Level 2 – Further your and your child’s understanding of sign language through our level 2 class. This class expands upon the vocabulary taught in the Level 1 class with letters, numbers, more words for feelings and family members, body parts, clothing, colors, nature signs, and many animals words. Integrate signing with books, songs and activities too.

Babies are welcome to attend class if you feel that your learning experience won’t be compromised. Classes can also be scheduled for your daycare or center.      

$25 per level per family

Make Your Own Baby Food

Learn how to save money and give your baby healthy food without preservatives by making your own baby food. Simple recipes, tools, and storage techniques will be demonstrated. Babies are welcome to attend class if you feel that your learning experience won’t be compromised. We love taste-testers!

$20 per family

Music & More

Music & More Level 1 – 30 minutes of songs, finger plays, balls, scarves, instruments, parachute, and bubbles. Expose your baby to music, rhythm and motion with this calm, small, age-appropriate group.  Ages birth though 18 months (or until walking well) and adult.


Music & More Level 2 – 40 minutes of music, instruments, scarves, singing, dancing, finger plays, balls, bubbles, hoola hoops, parachute, and more. Experience music, rhythm and motion with your young child. Ages 18 months (or walking well) to 3 1/2 years old with adult.


Music & More Level 3—45 minutes of instruments, rhythm, dancing, movement, singing, games, and more!  Ages 3-5 years old, child should be able to separate from adult, children need to be preapproved by instructor.


Our Music & More instructor is Tammy Bayer.  Tammy earned a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education.  She has advanced training in Child Development, and has taken additional training in using music with infants and small children.


Check out our schedule of classes on the Calendar page or the Registration page.

Please register for all other classes and activities by calling our office 319-364-1144, emailing us at or on our Registration page.


Check out our current class schedule on our calendar page.


Learn about our code of conduct and class, illness & weather policies.

Slings & Carrier Class

Learn to "wear" your baby. Babies receive many benefits from being held close to their caregivers. Most babies are calmer, easier to sooth, breastfeeding may be smoother, and parents learn baby's cues faster. Attend this class to see a variety of carriers and learn to use them properly. Babies are welcome, and make trying on slings more realistic!  Held bi-monthly or by popular demand.  Class fee is $5/per family.

If you can’t attend a class, set up an appointment for personalized instruction. Check out our selection of baby slings and carriers on the Sling & Carriers page.